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Professional Trackers Gather at the North Pole

Professional Trackers
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Professional Trackers Gather at the North Pole

There are just 8 days until Santa launches and the signs of his journey are all around us. Today a gathering of professional field tracker elves is taking place at the North Pole.

Professional Trackers

These professional tracker elves are different from the Santa Tracker elves you hear us talk so much about from SantaTrackers.net.

These elves are sent out into the field in remote places all over the world and their job is to track Santa differently.

These elves – mostly men – are survivalists. They have to be. They are sent to dark, remote places where their chances of catching Santa and the sleigh in flight are the best. Their job is to find Santa in the sky and record video of Santa in flight.

These field trackers are part of the Research and Development Department.

They are part of a special team that evaluates the flight of Santa’s sleigh to identify areas where the sleigh can be improved. They are meeting today and the rest of this week in advance of heading out just before Santa takes off.

We will try to interview one of these special elves as they receive their assignments next week.

They are usually sent to far-off places that are kind of lonely. They pack sensitive equipment that helps them communicate with the North Pole and to record sound, images and video of Santa as he flies.

The work they do is pretty important for the future sleighs that will be designed for Santa’s use. This year’s sleigh is as fast as it is because of the work these elves did last Christmas.

In other news, the Weather Center at North Pole Flight Command has just issued a weather alert for Christmas Eve, news that will no doubt affect the professional field trackers mentioned above. You can hear that North Pole Radio News report in the player below.

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