Tracker Elf Recruiting
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Tracker Elf Recruiting Kicks in to High Gear

Tracker elf recruiting has kicked into high gear as we approach the final ten days before Santa’s launch. These are the biggest days of the year for getting new elves to track Santa for Santa.

Tracker Elf Recruiting

Tracking Santa for Santa is not like tracking Santa elsewhere you see online. Tracking Santa for Santa means helping Santa get around the world. It is serious elf work.

It is an elf job opportunity open to anyone of any age anywhere in the world. To begin, you would first need to become an elf. You do that at

Once you have learned the Elf Code and taken the Elf Oath, you can then apply for a tracker elf job at

Once you apply and get the job at as a track elf there is a lot to learn. But the job is not hard to do. Your residence is located in a specific sector (there are five sectors world wide) and you would work under the direction of the elf supervisor assigned to your sector.

This organization of tracker elves is managed by North Pole Flight Command. Santa last July charged North Pole Flight Command with finding 200 million elves to work tracking Santa for Santa this year.

Late last night, North Pole Flight Command said the current tally of tracker elves sits at about 115 million. That makes the next week or so before Santa launches critical to finding enough elves to do the job Santa set the goal for last summer.

In the North Pole Radio News report below (see the player) Elves Frank and Crash discuss how the goal of 200 million will be met over the next week.

Elf Ernest





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  1. Elf antlers
    Elf antlers says:

    Merry Christmas everyone at the North Pole and a Happy New Year 2022🌲❄🎉🎉🎉🎉❄❄❄❄
    Hope the North Pole is getting lots of snow.

  2. Elf Candy Cane
    Elf Candy Cane says:

    I’ll work on recruiting some new elves! I’ve tried recruiting from scratch but no one seems to care about that! Does anyone have ideas for websites that I can recruit new elves on?

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