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Blitzen Has a Cold

Blitzen Has a Cold 1

Blitzen has a cold, the Reindeer Department reported a short time ago. Elves in Reindeer Operations say it isn’t serious and that Blitzen should recover in a few days.

Blitzen has a Cold

The overall health of Santa’s reindeer remains very good. In fact, only Blitzen is under the weather at this time.

Obviously this is a situation that requires constant monitoring over the next few weeks. Santa needs all of his reindeer healthy before he flies. A report of a cold with one reindeer could turn into a situation with many falling ill.

So things are being monitored closely.

There are thousands of reindeer at the North Pole. Santa’s “A-team” is housed at Santa’s Stables, and they are usually kept separate from the general reindeer population. The vast majority of the reindeer are located on Santa’s North Pole Reindeer Ranch, which is some distance away from Santa’s Stables.

Santa also has a back-up team of reindeer, just in case. We’ve told you a little about them. They are kept separate too, in a special location of the North Pole Reindeer Ranch known as Marlow’s Fields. They are in training and all are reportedly healthy at this time.

Santa has been kept informed of Blitzen’s condition. He is not concerned for his health at this time.

Blitzen is being kept isolated from other reindeer and is under watch for now. He requires no medicine. Blitzen will be given plenty of fluids and lots of rest.

We will keep you updated.

Elf Ernest

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Tell Blitzen my family and I hope for a speedy recovery! We are looking forward to tracking you and your friends this year! Always a pleasure hearing about the North Pole!! Thank you for keeping up the good work you do!! Merry Christmas to you all!!

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