The Elf Parade
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
The Elf Parade Marches Through the Snow

The Elf Parade turned into a march through the snow as a blizzard bore down on the Thanksgiving morning events at the North Pole.

Operation Merry Christmas

Officials met for some time before deciding the Elf Parade must go on. By the time the decision came down thousands of elves had already gathered in costume and on their trikes down at the fair grounds, ready to march up Main Street of North Pole Village.

If this event was televised you would not have been able to see much of it due to the swirling and blowing snow. Santa, of course, does not allow the parade to go on television.

Elves are used to the snow and this is not the first year they had to pedal their trikes, bikes and scooters up hill in the snow. Eager crowds – who were mostly family of the elves involved in the parade any way – bravely stood on city sidewalks while getting pasted with snow.

Mrs. Claus coordinated a boosted team effort to get hot chocolate out to both parade participants and parade watchers alike. While many were cold all seemed to have a good time.

The Elf Parade this year featured elves working remote locations around the world. Many of them sent in pictures via and some of those images were shown on large screens to parade marchers as they came by the reviewing stand. Whenever a new picture was shown a cheer went up from the marchers in the parade.

The parade featured the marching band from North Pole High School, the annual parade of the Reindeer wearing their jingle bells, and this year a new team of workshop elves who showcased a synchronized musical routine using only hammers, saws, mallets, chain saws and drills. They were somehow able to march in the snow and play “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on those tools and did it in such a way that everyone could hear them over the wind. It was stunning.

Lights this year were a big theme in parade floats and on trikes and bikes. They were accentuated in the weather and anything with light was widely cheered.

Below is the live North Pole Radio News Report with Elf Victoria Wassail in the newsroom, Elf Frank Myrrh in the review stand and Elf Crash Murphy, on his trike, reporting from the parade itself. You can listen to that report in the player below.

More news later today as the great events of Thanksgiving continue.

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