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North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Millions Sign Up to Become Elves for Santa

Millions are signing up to become elves these days. A new report passed around the North Pole earlier today indicating that North Pole Flight Command is well on their way to achieving the goal of 200 million elves tracking Santa for Santa this year.

Operation Merry Christmas

We spoke with Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Tracking, who said the recruiting season for elves is “about on track”. He said the report will be soon published that so far 98 million elves have been signed up so far this year.

Still, while that is great progress and it doubles the number of elves Santa had last year, it isn’t even half as many as Santa said he needed. That has some people at the North Pole scoffing at the idea that it can be done.

That includes Elf Frank Myrrh of North Pole Radio News. In a news report from yesterday that played on Kringle Radio, Frank grills Elf Crash Murphy, who remains confident that the goal will be met.

We have a month until Christmas, folks. It is “do or die” time for meeting this goal.

We need all elves to step up and start talking to their family and friends about becoming elves. There is still time for them to be trained. If you know someone who would make a good elf, have them visit and


Elf Ernest






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