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Sleigh Test Flights to Continue

Sleigh Test Flights to Continue
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Sleigh Test Flights to Continue

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh are scheduled to continue right after Thanksgiving.

Operation Merry Christmas

The happy break we know of Thanksgiving here at the North Pole is starting for test flight pilots of Santa’s sleigh. They are headed back to the North Pole where the crews and the sleighs of the test flight team will enjoy a little break.

In the player below you can hear a report from North Pole Radio News about the return of the test flights teams to the North Pole.

They won’t be home long. Just like everyone else at the North Pole, the test flight pilots will be back at work early on Friday morning to kick off Operation Merry Christmas.

It is not known for sure how much longer they will be flying test flights of Santa’s sleigh. They are way ahead of schedule and many feel Santa’s sleigh is ready right now. But, in an effort to make extra sure that everything works, they will continue flying the sleigh.

When we know more about their specific plans, I will update you. If you want to follow along on the Santa Tracker Map at SantaTrackers.net that information is updated daily.

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