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Santa’s Sleigh is Nearly Ready

Santa's Sleigh is Ready
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Santa's Sleigh is Nearly Ready

Santa’s sleigh is doing really well. The test flight results so far this year have been off the charts. Elves in North Pole Flight Command say that if Santa has good weather and can avoid ground delays the sleigh is so fast it is possible for Santa to set a new speed record this year.

Operation Merry Christmas

Of course, Santa himself has not taken the new sleigh out for a spin yet. But test pilots at the North Pole know Santa’s flying style and they say Santa is going to love this sleigh.

Best of all, the new sleigh has larger cargo capacity, a whole new look and is very comfortable to fly in.

Listen to more information about Santa’s sleigh from the North Pole Radio News report below. It aired earlier today on Kringle Radio.

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh will continue into the month of December. We do not yet know when the sleigh will stop being flown on test flights but I have it on good authority they feel the sleigh right now is ready to go.

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  1. Elf Coco
    Elf Coco says:

    Ah! That’s so exciting, good job to all of the talented elves that made Santa’s sleigh so incredible this year!!

  2. andy cason
    andy cason says:

    dear santa clus for christmas iwould like akaroke machine more jelly bellly candy your friend andy

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