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Reindeer Games are Coming

The Reindeer Games are coming soon to the North Pole and folks here cannot be more excited.

Operation Merry Christmas

The games are actually a way for the reindeer to get ready for Santa’s flight. They all began many years ago to break the tedium of just doing exercises every day. Someone — some think it was Santa — suggested holding competitions to see who was the fastest or which of the reindeer could run the farthest or who could jump higher. The reindeer loved the idea and the whole event has only grown bigger and bigger each year.

It gets bigger because Santa actually has thousands of reindeer.

Many people think that Santa only has the nine reindeer. But that’s not true. Santa needs thousands of reindeer to help the North Pole run. Not every reindeer flies for Santa but every reindeer is involved in Operation Merry Christmas.

Just as every elf wants to help Santa so too do the reindeer want to help Santa – in any way they possibly can.

It is the goal of every reindeer to fly on Santa’s team. Of course, Santa can only take so many reindeer with him on his flight. So the competition to serve on that team is fierce. Once a reindeer finally makes it to that team it is hard for them to give it up.

But reindeer, if they cannot be on Santa’s team, are content with any assignment that helps Santa do his job.

The reindeer games are an opportunity to help put the right reindeer in the right jobs to help Santa the most.

Like people, every reindeer has a certain set of talents and abilities. The games help Santa to identify what a reindeer can do and where to place them for Operation Merry Christmas.

Winning the Reindeer Games is a big deal for any reindeer. But who wins is never more important than the assignments they receive working for Santa.

Truth be told, it usually is one of Santa’s nine reindeer that wins the game. After all, they are the best. Donner and Blitzen have won the games multiple times.

But sometimes a reindeer who is young or unknown wins the games – and then they become famous.

That is why nearly everyone loves the Reindeer Games. The results are always interesting.

Please listen to the North Pole Radio News report for more information about when the Reindeer Games are going to begin.

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