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Update from the North Pole Post Office

How to Contact Santa
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Update from the North Pole Post Office

Update from the North Pole Post Office – in the radio report below you can hear some advice from Post Master Elf Hugo about how to contact Santa. Things are extremely busy at the North Pole Post Office these days – and getting busier all the time.

Operation Merry Christmas

If you want to help, pay close attention to what to do in reaching out to Santa.

You can, for example, not send Santa a note at all. You could just send him a voicemail. You can do that by calling toll-free at 866-847-2682. Santa loves to hear your voice!

But if you want to give Santa a list then head over to the Wish List page.

Both Santa and the Post Office love it when you just make it simple by leaving a list. This gets copied to Santa’s workshop, the Wrapping Department, then the Shipping Department – all at the same time.

If you just want to send Santa a message, then visit the Email Santa page.

Try listening to the radio report – it gives great advice of how to contact Santa.

Elf Ernest