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10 Days Until Operation Merry Christmas Begins

10 Days Until Operation Merry Christmas Begins 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
10 Days Until Operation Merry Christmas Begins

Operation Merry Christmas begins in just 10 days – and the frenzy is on at the North Pole.

10 Days Until Operation Merry Christmas

Operation Merry Christmas is what we call the delivery phase of Santa’s mission. It is when every elf, department and thing at the North Pole comes together to help Santa get around the world. It is a massive year long effort.

This year we want you to know all about it.

So every day between now and when Operation Merry Christmas begins we will bring you news of different areas of Santa’s operation. You will understand everything that is going on in every department. We will speak with a lot of elves. We will connect with Santa and what he is doing. You will head into the Christmas season more informed than ever.

Each day will also bring a new North Pole Radio News report. You can access today’s report in the player below.

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Operation Merry Christmas begins late in the night (well, really early in the morning) just before Santa leaves the North Pole after the festivities of Thanksgiving. It’s a big deal to everyone working here at the North Pole. Santa leaves the North Pole right after Thanksgiving to meet with believers all over the world before Christmas. But he cannot leave unless he knows everything is on track for when he takes off for Christmas.

So there’s a big meeting. Every department head has to report on their readiness. If any of them need help, this is the meeting where that needs to be discussed. This meeting – this day that we count down to – is a really big deal to everyone at the North Pole.

It has been a good year. The sleigh is just about ready. The reindeer are all here and appear healthy. Every department at the North Pole has been humming along pretty good from what I can see. I think Operation Merry Christmas is going to come together.

Why don’t you hang with us to find out?

Elf Ernest