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Daily Santa Updates Begin

Daily Santa Updates

Daily Santa Updates begin this week, 10 days in advance of the launch of Operation Merry Christmas.

Daily Santa Updates

From this point forward you can expect to hear from me daily with news from the North Pole. In addition there will be North Pole Radio News reports as required.

It is Santa’s goal this year to bring forward as much news as is possible for fans all over the world. He wants every question answered. He wants all to anticipate Christmas with joy and without anxiety. He wants you to know what is going on.

For the next 10 days we will be counting down to Operation Merry Christmas with special North Pole Radio News reports that visit every major department at the North Pole. Each day thereafter will cover major news of the day. We plan to include coverage of the annual Reindeer Games, news of North Pole Flight Command, the recruitment and training of tracker elves worldwide, as well as all the traditional North Pole Christmas events leading up to Christmas.

We encourage you to ask questions. You can ask questions of Mrs. Claus, Elf Crash Murphy or any elf at the North Pole. We are looking to answer questions of individuals, groups, and classes. No question should go unanswered.

To accommodate those questions coming in we will try to answer through the Santa Updates, the North Pole Radio News reports, scheduled North Pole Chats and special events to be announced at SantaTrackers.net.

Santa is always available via email and we do have special chats on the calendar. Please understand that Santa is already busy meeting individually and in groups all over the world with those who have not had a chance to see much of him. His ability to be both there and here online is limited by the demands on his time.

I think we are in for a GREAT season!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Sprinkles
    Elf Sprinkles says:

    I would love if Santa told us new elves how we can get promoted. Because I don’t know how.

  2. Kristian Jennings
    Kristian Jennings says:

    I am looking forward for more news 🙂 I wish you a blessed holiday season Ernest! ✝️

  3. Kristian Jennings
    Kristian Jennings says:

    Hey Elf Sprinkles, if you login to SantaTrackers.net you will find a link that says “Elf Jobs”, go there and fill the application, also make sure you have all the requirements. Good Luck!
    Here is the link https://santatrackers.net/

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