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6 Weeks Until Christmas

6 Weeks Until Christmas

6 Weeks until Christmas now – do you have your tree up yet?

Countdown to Christmas

I understand if you don’t. But I have my tree up now and I don’t mind telling you it’s lovely. I covered it in pink bows.


I’m starting to get excited about the Reindeer Games. My Trixie is going to compete. She automatically earned a spot with all the work she has been doing with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

I’m told she has real potential. A lot of the elves in the Reindeer Barn say that elves way high up in the Reindeer Department have their eye on Trixie.

Some people say the girl reindeer like Trixie don’t get a fair shot. They say that just because some of the boy reindeer are bigger or more powerful that a reindeer like Trixie doesn’t have a chance.

But I was talking with Elf Xavier and he’s a big-time reindeer trainer. He said that most people have no idea how to really evaluate the skills of a reindeer. He says that Santa is really the most talented at recognizing what a reindeer can do.

There are four girls on Santa’s team. If you read about them you will see they can do things the boy reindeer cannot do.

Elf Xavier says that Trixie has “quickness”, which is something different than speed or power.

A great reindeer like Donner might be stronger and even faster than Trixie but he won’t be as “quick”. Xavier says quickness is all about reaction time and judgement – the ability of a reindeer to know what to do and to be able to do it quickly.

This he says is exceptional with Trixie and this is why they have their eye on her.

I just love her. She has a big heart and is just a gentle girl.

I’m a little scared about her competing in the games. But I’m excited at the same time.

As I learn more about the plans for the games I will let you know. Right now, Trixie is headed back to South America, where she is assigned for more flight duty with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh.


Elf Trixie

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