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North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Donner Returns to the North Pole

Donner has returned to the North Pole. According to handlers in the Reindeer Operations Department Donner just showed up very late last night without a fuss.

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“I was tending to Bruno, one of our older reindeer who is a little sick right now, and I turned around and there was Donner just standing there,” Elf Winston, a reindeer specialist said. “I had to go get one of the supervisors just to make sure it was Donner but really I knew it was him. He always has that look in his eye.”

Santa was very happy to hear of his return and he got out of bed to welcome Donner home. It was then that Santa shared a more complete story of where Donner has been and why he returned to the North Pole so late. You can hear that story by clicking on the North Pole Radio News report in the player below.

But now that Donner is back we should quickly know of the plans for the reindeer training and, more importantly, for the schedule of the Reindeer Games which are typically held at this time of the year.

Donner does compete in the games and he has won them many times. But we are not sure if Donner will be competing this year, due to the state of his injury. We will learn more about that in the weeks ahead.

The reports we have right now is that Donner is completely healthy and he is expected to fly with Santa on Christmas Eve.

With his return Santa’s team is complete and things are on track now for a good flight this year.

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  1. Elf chocolate candy cane
    Elf chocolate candy cane says:

    Hello elf Ernest it’s ashlee im excited to hear that Donner is back at the north pole and that santa is glad Donner is back I’m glad Donner is healthy and I look forward to seeing Donner flying with santa on christmas eve this year

  2. Santa's helpers
    Santa's helpers says:

    We are so excited to hear that Donner is back! We hope she is better soon. We love you Santa and all the elves.
    Your friends Santa little helpers

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