New Podcast Episode Answers Questions

Elf Crash Answers Questions

A new podcast episode from Elves Frank and Crash answers questions submitted by recent site visitors to SantaUpdate.com. You can listen to it at this link.

North Pole Podcast

Elf Crash Murphy is Santa’s eye in the sky reporter. He follows Santa’s sleigh around the world and reports live on Kringle Radio Santa’s position and what he is doing. Crash is also a lead tracker elf trainer, working with new elves over at SantaTrackers.net.

He gets called on a lot to answer questions because he appears so often on North Pole Radio News. Listeners enjoy Crash’s laid back style and sense of humor.

In this newest episode Crash tackles a number of difficult topics: he discusses what a school teacher should do after a parent complained about her speaking of Santa Claus in the classroom. He answers a question from a site visitor who wants to see reindeer fly. He even discusses why sometimes even Santa makes mistakes.

You can look forward to more episodes like this one in the future.

Elf Ernest

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  1. Rya
    Rya says:

    I love this website thank you so much for making this website so everyone can enjoy Christmas all year long 😊

  2. Paul McDermott
    Paul McDermott says:

    To Santa ever one at Thomas Henry house booval Queensland Australia and you have a marry Christmas and happy New year in 2022 bye Paul McDermott

  3. This tracker elf snow flake
    This tracker elf snow flake says:

    Hey Santa Clause are you ready for big night Iam ready for my big night view as real tracker elf not tracker elf person but tracker elf the tracker elf i ready to go to work if I still up when you come don’t be mad I trust doing my eternal job that will never retire at all I give you 120% and I give North Pole 120% really ready big show and big dance come Christmas Eve all Christmas Eves

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