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50 Days Until Santa Launches

50 Days Until Santa Launches

50 days until Santa launches, gang. It’s getting serious now.

Fortunately, North Pole Flight Command reports that the test flights of Santa’s sleigh has gone exceptionally well. In fact, flight analysts, sleigh test pilots and designers all agree that this year’s sleigh appears to be something special. All of them are expecting Santa to set new speed records this year.

About the only unknown for Santa’s sleigh this year is the fact that Santa asked to have 200 million tracker elves worldwide this year. Tracker elves are believers who sign up in various places around the world to track Santa for Santa.

Last year Santa only had a little more than 50 million tracker elves. So he wants a lot more this year.

Track Santa for Santa

Can he get them?

Well, you can read about the progress of the recruiting effort over at SantaTrackers.net.

If Santa gets that many tracker elves…just what can they do to help Santa get around the world faster? Well, those answers are at SantaTrackers too. Let’s just say Santa is very excited by the possibilities.

The news over the next 50 days is going to be filled with reports of Santa, the sleigh, the reindeer and, of course, the elves at the North Pole.

We hope you are here with us for the stretch drive!

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