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Elves are Worried About Donner

Elves are Worried About Donner 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Elves are Worried About Donner

Many elves here at the North Pole are starting to express concern about Santa’s lead reindeer, Donner. All of Santa’s reindeer have returned to the North Pole except for Donner. The others have all been back for more than a month.

Elves are Worried About Donner

This is a big concern because Donner is the team leader. He sets the conditioning schedule. The team does not train together unless Donner is there. Santa appears to know what is happening with Donner and has told everyone not to worry. But the elves are starting to talk.

Operation Merry Christmas is just weeks away from kicking off. One of the biggest parts of that event is the reindeer games. The games are used to help Santa – and Donner – to decide roles that reindeer will play when it comes to Christmas. While Santa’s team is assigned and well known most do not realize that it takes thousands of reindeer in a world-wide effort to help Santa deliver. Those reindeer all need to be evaluated to see what they can do so they can be assigned to the right duty on Christmas Eve.

North Pole Radio News visited with the elves in the Reindeer Barn earlier today and you can hear their report below.

We will keep you posted.

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