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8 Weeks Until Christmas

8 Weeks Until Christmas

8 weeks until Christmas, guys. 8 short weeks. That’s it. It’s practically Christmas!!!!

Countdown to Christmas

Ok, ok, ok – did ya see the news? Mrs. Claus is coming to town. Well, at least to North Pole Chat. (Just remember, wherever you see Mrs. Claus on this site I’m right there with her, so say HI to me when you see her, k?)


BIG doings this week. Halloween is this weekend and we got ourselves a big ole party coming on Saturday. Now, yeah, we will have a live radio report and all that stuff but in my update next week I will tell you the full, complete, and absolute truth of the story.

Now, before you get suspicious let me remind you that the news here on SantaUpdate.com is always truthful. I’ll just be covering details they won’t.

That’s because I know secrets now. I won’t tell them because they are secrets that have to do with costumes and surprise stuff. But next week I can spill the beans and I will. The North Pole can be one crazy week and you should know about it.

Oh, and thanks for your kind messages about Trixie the Reindeer. I don’t know if I can get a picture, but I’ll try. The Reindeer Department is kind of stern about stuff like that. Especially with rising stars like Trixie.

Speaking of reindeer, I’m hearing rumblings about the reindeer games. But nothing definitive because Donner isn’t back yet.

Elves here are getting really anxious about that even though Santa himself has told everyone here not to worry about Donner. And I know the radio dudes said he would be back when he needs to be. Still, it’s all secretive and for some reason elves think that is bad.

Here’s my thing about secrets: I think they are good. Especially at the North Pole.

Secrets lead to good things. Nice surprises. When something is secret, it usually means something positive. So if this Donner business is secret, I’m all good with it. I can tell you this: if all the hot shot elves like Elf Victor and Elf Crash aren’t bothered then I will not be bothered either.

Anyway, next week you’re going to hear us really start talking about Operation Merry Christmas. That’s a big, big deal – and its coming up, folks.

Got your camera ready? Send me pictures of you in your Halloween costume. I wanna see them. Maybe just maybe I’ll post of picture of me in mine.

Elf Trixie

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