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Planning for the Elf Parade

The Elf Parade is coming up on Thanksgiving Day here at the North Pole and we are getting a lot of questions about it. Here is a little more that you need to know:

  1. The Elf Parade is for elves and by elves. It is held in the morning hours of Thanksgiving Day. Elves come from their homes on the trikes or their bikes. They are usually dressed in fun or crazy costumes and their trikes and bikes are decorated as well.
  2. The purpose of the Elf Parade is to give a fun activity as a start to Thanksgiving Day. It’s not all just about eating, you know. Elves enjoy this activity because it is a break from their usual hard work – a day off full of fun stuff to do.
  3. This year we have invited Trackers Elves and other remote-working elves to participate in the parade. That will mean in the coming weeks we will set up some special pages so you can send in pictures of videos of your own costume, or bike or trike, and share it with us.

The Elf Parade is important to elves here at the North Pole. But it is an entirely new things for elves who live in other parts of the world. So we like the questions and enjoy answering them. We will soon be announcing some new chats before Thanksgiving where we can talk more about the Elf Parade.

Elves Frank and Crash also talked about the Elf Parade today on the radio. You can hear their report below:

Elf Ernest




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