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9 Weeks Until Christmas

9 Weeks Until Christmas 1

There are just 9 weeks until Christmas and I’m so very, very excited.

Countdown to Christmas

My little Trixie is coming home for Halloween. As you read yesterday here on Santa Update the test flight pilots and their reindeer are coming home next weekend for Halloween. I finally get to see her!

She’s a big girl now, as I’ve shared with you before. I ran down to the Reindeer barn as soon as I heard the news and I was assured that I will be able to see her and to talk with her. They even told me where she is going to be so I can go down there and feed her, too.

I’m hoping that sometime on that weekend – maybe Halloween Day during the morning or something – they let me hitch her up to a sleigh and go on a little outing, just the two of us. It has been a very long summer and while I appreciate all the training she has had I really miss her. I hope she misses me and wants to spend time with me.

After all, I’m not sure how much I’m even going to see her even before Christmas.

I already have her schedule and she actually leaves on Halloween night – really late at night, in fact. I’m not sure where the test flights of Santa’s sleigh will be come November 1st but I do know they have some big things planned for that sleigh and Trixie will be involved with it. So I dunno.

Of course, Santa’s sleigh will be gone until Santa pretty much wants to launch, so Trixie is going to be one busy girl for a while.

One thing we do not know is what her Christmas assignment might be. She’s worked really hard and she deserves a nice job for Christmas. Of course, we wouldn’t dream of her actually flying Santa on Christmas, there are so many other older reindeer ahead of her. But part of working so hard on the flight crew of the test flights is that a reindeer earns a spot at Christmas when things all really count. Trixie’s eligible for that and I’m excited to learn how Santa will use her.

Actually, I’m excited to learn how Santa is going to use all of us. Things are now so busy I feel many elves are going in a hundred different directions at once. Including me.

You’ll see. If you follow what I’m doing at SantaTrackers.net and the work I do here each week and with Mrs. Claus, you’ll see very well how busy one elf can be.

And I think that goes for everyone right about now. It is SO busy.

Elf Trixie