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Test Flight Break for Halloween

Test Flight Break for Halloween 1

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh will enjoy a brief break over Halloween weekend. North Pole Flight Command today made the announcement after information the pilots and reindeer of the news.

Sleigh Update

We have not shared a lot of news of Santa’s sleigh this year so far. But that does not mean there has not been news to report. The new sleigh has been nearly perfect in every test they have put it through.

In fact, because the test flights have gone so well so far there has been talk of giving the test flight pilots and reindeer an even longer break than just a weekend.

I’m told that it was discussed as part of a recent meeting but teams decided it was best to keep pushing forward so that should problems crop up in the last few weeks they have more time then to figure them out.

Flight analysts and designers are very excited about Santa’s sleigh this year. There are rumors that Santa could set records this year that may never be broken.

Last year’s sleigh was thought to be the most advanced and stable design ever. But this year’s sleigh is breaking all the records that were set last year.

Perhaps part of the reason Santa’s sleigh is not getting much notice this year is because so much emphasis has been put on the 200 million tracker elves Santa has asked for. While the teams at the Department of Elf Resources and SantaTrackers.net continue to work on reaching that goal there is broad speculation in North Pole Flight Command about what that means for Santa’s flight and just how much his time could improve with that kind of elf support – even if the sleigh itself is not faster than before.

“It is staggering to think about what we could do this year if all the conditions are just right,” said Elf Buck Sanchez, director of flight operations at the North Pole. “Santa could deliver before midnight in every sector – wouldn’t that be something?”

We will work to bring you more news of Santa’s sleigh once Halloween is over.

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