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10 Weeks Until Christmas

10 Weeks Until Christmas

10 weeks now until Christmas – just about down to the single digits! It’s a pretty exciting time to be an elf.

Countdown to Christmas

So this week they put me in one of the back studios at Kringle Radio and had me read news – as a test.

I failed miserably.

I just get so doggone nervous. My voice sounds so shaky. I got through the first part of it okay but then they asked me to stop and then they let me listen to it.

I wanted to throw up it was so awful. My voice makes me sound like a cat in a blender.

Some jobs are just not right for an elf. And the radio is just no place for me.

Elf Frank was really nice with me and he gave me some help. But there’s no polishing a bad apple, you know?

I hope they have enough radio elves so I don’t have to do that stuff. Yes, I want to be a reporter but I’m more into writing than into speaking.


A few of you keep asking about Trixie, my reindeer.

I’ll give you a brief update. I hear really good things about her. She’s still working the test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

And that means I don’t get to see her very much.

I am trying to get her assigned to the flight crew return team. The flight crew elves, you know, the sleigh test pilots? Well, they are coming home for Halloween weekend. I want Trixie to be assigned to one of those teams bringing them home.

That way I would get to see her.

She’s become quite the big girl. She is not the cute little thing she was a year ago. She is bigger each time I see her and she had muscles I never knew she would develop.

But she’s still a sweetheart. I can’t wait to see her.

Elf Trixie

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