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11 Weeks Until Christmas

11 Weeks Until Christmas 1

11 Weeks until Christmas folks and I’m starting to see some strain on the elf efforts here at the North Pole.

Countdown to Christmas

I visited the Department of Elf Resources here at the North Pole for a story I’m working on for the Santa Tracker Herald Star.

And you know what? That’s one crazy nutso place right now. In fact, I would have to say its busier than Santa’s Workshop and the Wrapping Department combined.

It is not unusual for the Department of Elf Resources to be so busy at this time of year. But what makes it so swamped right now is the effort to find and train 200 million new tracker elves for Santa this year.

200 million of anything is a lot.

But Santa asked to have that many tracker elves to help track Santa for Santa and the Department of Elf Resources has to find a way to get that done.

It is one thing to handle elves at the North Pole. But these are elves all over the world. Santa doesn’t want his trackers here where he lives. He wants them in every single place in the world that he travels.

And that makes sense. The job of a tracker elf is to report conditions in locations all over the world. A tracker elf cannot do that from a remote place like the North Pole.

But coordinating the hiring and training of elves from everywhere in the world is something the Department of Elf Resources is challenged by. I talked to Elf Sandy, head of the Department of Elf Resources, and she says they will get the job done. But it’s tough sledding right now.

What can YOU do?

Elf Sandy says to follow the websites as much as possible. If you want to be an elf here are the steps to follow:

1. Become an elf at ElfHQ.com. There you can take the Oath and learn the Elf Code.

2. Then head to SantaTrackers.net and sign up to become an elf tracking Santa for Santa. All the training steps are there and you get the latest news from North Pole Flight Command at that website. There is even an elf community there you can join.

3. Check back often here at SantaUpdate.com for news and information.

Elf Sandy reminds us that we still have plenty of time. She just asks that you are very patient while they work through applications on special elf job applications.

Elf Sandy, by the way, will be the special guest this week in North Pole Chat – you should plan to come visit with her so she can answer your questions.


Elf Trixie