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North Pole Podcast
Frenzied Response to New North Pole Podcast

The latest episode of the North Pole Podcast has only been online for about 12 hours or so. But the response to it has been robust – even “frenzied” as Elf Hugo in the North Pole Post Office put it.

“We are getting busier but this is way early for this kind of mail,” said Hugo, postmaster at the North Pole. “I listened to the episode and I did not hear anything shocking or surprising in it. But you never know what is going to get people going.”

The episode addresses one of the most common questions we receive here at the North Pole: “How does Santa get around the world in one night?”

Elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy of North Pole Radio News take on the topic. You can hear the podcast at this link.

Elf Crash Murphy says his email has “gone crazy” today. “I normally don’t get a ton of email on a Sunday but today is off the chart for any day of the week. I would say close to 40,000 messages have come in.”

What are they talking about?

“Well, I guess I said something about people who don’t believe in Santa and what I think should happen to them on Christmas morning or something,” Elf Crash said. “I didn’t think it was all that unusual of a question, honestly, but when Frank asked me about them I just said what I thought. I guess a few of them got mad or something. But I have to ask this now – if they don’t believe in Santa Claus, why would they care what I said?”

We do not know it is because of this latest episode of the North Pole Podcast or not, but registrations for Tracker Elves at are exploding today as well.

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  1. Elf Maurice
    Elf Maurice says:

    Everything this year in General is Unusual particularly at the North pole think about.You guys are so early on everything this year like the following.
    The sleigh has done multiple test flights around the world.
    All the reindeer are back a couple months early except for the famous Donner [ Which is strange ]
    Like Elf Hugo said just now in the writing above that there are tons of mail coming in which this normally doesn’t happen until the weeks leading up to Santa’s take off .
    And i think i have a few ideas as of to how Santa gets around the world in One night.

    1.Teleportation. He could just deliver presents then teleport to his next destination but this is highly unlikely because for one science hasn’t developed that far yet But we also have to remember who we are talking about here he is Santa so probably with the help of his magic he could have found a device that can warp through time but there are major side affects though
    1.This can cause rapid aging Meaning one moment Santa could be a baby then the next moment he could be a really old man.
    2.This could put strain on his physical body meaning he could turn into a blob of Jelly or heat up his body or freeze his body to or it can send him into shock or alter his DNA .
    3.he Can’t go back to a time to were he exist Because if he sees himself this will drastically alter time and space itself ripping a hole in The space time continuum .
    4.He cannot Change anything in the past or it can affect the future so for instance lets just Say if he stops my parents from ever meeting each other then guest what now He just erased 2 kids out of existence.
    2.Time works differently for Santa . The reason why i put this is because think about it Santa leaves the North pole on December 23 [ if you are on my side of the world which is U.S.A Central time ] Normally between midnight and 5 am [ no one can interpret or figure out Santa route and when he leaves the North pole ] .And Comes back [ Normally ] to the North pole in the Early hours of of December 25 and at the max Santa would have is 54 Hours to Deliver presents remember the sun normally rises at 6:00 Am . And at the lowest Santa would have 34 Hours so what if Santa freezes or slows down time to Deliver presents .

    3.He is just so fast.
    We know that in order For Santa to Deliver Presents he must travel really fast but,Not Like car or airplane fast we are talking lighting speed fast which is 670,616,629 Million Mph.So,Lets do the Math here so there are just under 3 Billion Children world wide [ including myself ] so like i said earlier Santa has between 34 – 54 hours to deliver presents so lets meet in the Middle and say 44 hours so lets divide that [ pulling up calculator on computer ] meaning Santa with every Child he visits he can only be with them for 0.0000528 seconds so i know for sure Santa probably is Just very smart uses some magic of course and does a lot of planing.

  2. roger
    roger says:

    worm holes.
    either that or he freezes time like bernards watch.
    i wish i could freeze time.

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