Sleigh Upgrade for Elf Crash 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Sleigh Upgrade for Elf Crash

A sleigh upgrade for Elf Crash Murphy was ordered by Santa and the engineers have got it up on blocks now, making it all shiny and new.

Sleigh news is usually conveyed about Santa’s sleigh. That’s totally fine, it is Santa’s sleigh that is the most important one in the whole fleet. But there are literally thousands of sleighs here at the North Pole, making the Sleigh Barn a very busy place.

Elf Crash has an important job. In fact, he actually spends more time that Santa in a sleigh on Christmas because he goes on the final test flight and then he heads out behind Santa to report the news of his flight. That’s nearly 3 full days of flying, every Christmas.

So it is important that Elf Crash has a comfortable sleigh. He took Santa on a brief flight earlier this week and Santa couldn’t believe how, um, rustic Crash’s sleigh was. So he ordered some upgrades.

You can listen to Crash himself talk about it in the North Pole Radio News report below.

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