12 Weeks Until Christmas

12 Weeks Until Christmas

12 weeks until Christmas, gang, but let’s talk Halloween, shall we?

Countdown to Christmas

I got a call from Elf Harold Star, my editor over at the Santa Tracker Herald Star, and he told me he got a call from Mrs. Claus. All of a sudden I find myself on the Halloween Committee here at the North Pole.

Well I suppose you all know about the big Halloween Party here every year. You know it is a big event with a costume contest, games, lots of food and candy, and, of course, the traditional Halloween Food Fight.

Yeah, it’s not my favorite thing.

I mean, I get why the elves like it. It is competitive and messy. Everyone laughs.

But I’m a neat freak. When the twinkies start flying I head for the doors.

But you know what they did? They put me in charge of projectiles.

Do you know what that is?

Well, for the Halloween party it’s “food that flies or is launched”.

I had no idea until I went to the Halloween committee meeting how many different ways you can fight with food. For example, there’s shooting foods – you know, the stuff that might come out of a squirt gun? They fill squirt guns with kool-aid, soda, ice water, and even eggnog. It’s messy stuff.

Then there’s the mushy stuff you throw, like pies. These are really popular because they tend to explode. This is stuff like whipped cream pies, Jello molds and cakes heavy with frosting.

There are lots of weapons – er, I mean categories.

There’s cold stuff like ice cream. There’s warm stuff like soups. There are small “bombs” like jelly donuts and cupcakes.

So what in the world are “projectiles”?

Elves really love this one. It’s food that is launched. It is food that comes from a long distance and is designed to create both surprise and a mess.

I’m told that a good example of a projectile for the food fight is the “launcher” elves in the workshop builds for water balloons (though for the food fight they fill the balloons with sticky liquids instead of water).

They want MORE projectile stuff for the food fight this year.

And I don’t know what to do! Do you have any ideas?

I’m an eater, not a fighter. This stuff just isn’t for me.

I want everyone to have a good time. My plan, as usual, is to just take cover at the first sign of a launched goodie.

But I want to do my part with the Halloween committee. I need help!!!!!

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    Sounds fun- and messy! Maybe you guys can use Diet Coke and Mentos either as rockets (with bubble wrap padding so no one gets hurt!) or as squirt guns!

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