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3 Months Until Christmas

3 Months Until Christmas 1

Greetings everyone! There are now officially just three months to Christmas and it’s snowing here at the North Pole!

That has made things festive and busy indeed around here.

While things are going really well with Santa’s sleigh and with the return of the reindeer we do have a few problems to overcome here at the North Pole.

The Wrapping Department is having a hard time getting some supplies. This kind of thing is happening all over the world. Believe it or not the biggest problem is tape. There just isn’t any to be found anywhere.

It’s not a problem right now. We’re still in business in Wrapping because we have a lot of tape left over from last year. But come early December it could be a problem if we cannot get a shipment of more tape. Elf Wally says he is working on it.

Santa’s workshop is busy like you would not believe. In light of what Wally told me I asked Elf Bernard if he had any supply problems and he said he does not. But, because of what Wally said, Elf Bernard said he’s going to make the inventory elves double check everything – just in case.

From our mailbag there are two things really on the minds of many of our readers and fans: the elf parade and the reindeer games.

We held he reindeer games last year right after Thanksgiving. We might do it around the same time again. But many are asking why they cannot be earlier. Well, while we have reported that many of the reindeer are back the truth is that they are not ALL back. Especially Donner. He’s not here yet. Santa’s not worried and you should not be either. But until he gets back we cannot plan the games.

The Elf Parade, which takes place on Thanksgiving Day in November, is generating a lot of questions. Just remember that this event if for elves. So when we have more details they will be posted at SantaTrackers.net. If you are an elf or want to be an elf, get started at ElfHQ.com.

Finally, we also reported that we were hearing from a lot of school teachers. That’s true. But we know there are a lot more school teachers out there. We just remind you that getting hold of us early for your lesson plans, chats and letters is the best idea. We have a hard time helping teachers in the month of December if we do not start work on those projects now.

There you have it. Lots more news from the North Pole yet to come. Stay tuned!

Elf Ernest

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