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100 Days to Launch

100 Days to Launch

100 days to launch is what the countdown timer says on the big clock at North Pole Flight Command. It is another big milestone in the countdown to Christmas.

If you have been following the test flights of Santa’s sleigh on the big map over at SantaTrackers.net you know that right now test flights are happening over the skies of Europe. These are high altitude speed tests meant to measure how the sleigh performs under the weight of various loads. It’s all very highly technical.

Rumors out of Flight Command that the sleigh will transfer back over the skies of North or South America in the next week have not been confirmed. The “official” flight plan board says that the sleigh will be over Sector 3 and maybe even parts of Sector 2 through the month of September.

We remind you that this is also elf recruiting season. Santa has set a big goal of having 200 million tracker elves to track Santa for Santa this year. We are still millions short of that goal in every sector. You can begin your elf career at ElfHQ.com.

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