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15 Weeks Until Christmas

15 Weeks Until Christmas 1

There’s only 15 weeks until Christmas, guys. 15 weeks!

Countdown to Christmas

But it is Christmas here already. We got a ton of snow this week. I mean a ton.

That has really given everything a kind of Christmas feel to things. I mean, nobody has their lights or trees up yet but it still has a Christmasy kind of feel to stuff.

I actually put my lights up on my little balcony. Elf Daria called me up and asked me what I thought I was doing. I told her that all the snow made me want to put my lights up.

She told me that was bad form for an elf.

I was really kind of shocked. I mean, anyone should be able to put their lights up at any time, right?

Daria explained that elves here generally work on their lights from about the middle of October until Thanksgiving. Working on lights, I guess, is fine but actually turning them on is something not a lot of elves like to do because they want the element of surprise for the big lighting contest that is held on Thanksgiving night.

That’s all great but you know what? This elf isn’t entering the contest. I just wanted my lights up.

So I kept them up and turned them on. And I have not turned them off.

They are calling me Rebel Elf now.

I don’t even care. Some rules are just dumb.

I said that to Elf Ed Zachary today and he said the light thing is not really a rule. He explained that holding back on the lights is more like a tradition that elves have. Nobody wants to show their lights, so they hold back. Over time, it has become what some think is a rule.

Ed Zachary said it was about time someone came along to show how dumb everyone is being.

I sure hope he meant that as a compliment.

Look, I like the light thing on Thanksgiving night as much as anyone. When I saw it last year it was amazing.

But I’m just little ole me. I like lights in the snow. I’m not trying to break a rule or spoil a tradition.

I like to feel merry in September. I light my candles and I plug in the lights.

So there.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    Go and enjoy your lights no matter what others say! I wish people wouldn’t get so upset about celebrating Christmas early.

  2. Elf Deron
    Elf Deron says:

    Only 15 weeks! WOW!! The anticipation is really starting to build. The Christmas spirit fixes everything 🎄

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