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4 Months Until Christmas

4 Months Until Christmas

4 months until Christmas now – are you getting excited yet?

We have had a lot of breaking news the past couple of months. Santa set a really high goal for the number of Santa tracker elves he needs, the reindeer have come back and we had a splendid Christmas-in-July celebration.

And that’s just the beginning. September will be even more exciting.

We are pleased to announced that North Pole Radio News will begin sharing their broadcasts right here on SantaUpdate.com where you can hear Kringle Radio. That’s the very same radio station we listen to here at the North Pole. And you can hear it every day here on SantaUpdate.com.

With the reindeer coming back there will be lots of news about them to share. I cannot remember a Christmas where they would start training so soon.

I don’t have word yet on when the reindeer games will begin but I can guarantee you that they will be earlier this year.

Of course, we have the big stuff of Halloween and Thanksgiving to prepare for too. So lots more fun stuff to come.

I hope you stick with us!

Elf Ernest

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