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Reindeer Return Early to the North Pole

Reindeer Return Early

Santa’s reindeer are returning to the North Pole.

Reindeer Return Early

Donner arrived earlier this week in the company of a team of elves from Reindeer Operations who were coming to the North Pole for a certification class.

They came from Norway, one of many ranches operated by the North Pole with news that several other reindeer were soon to arrive.

Blitzen arrived late yesterday with a team of 150 one-year old reindeer that he is training.  Vixen and a team she leads are expected later today.

The return of Santa’s reindeer is an unpredictable thing. Last year, for example, they did not show up until the week of Thanksgiving.

Their arrival this week is much earlier than normal.

By coming now teams of reindeer can begin to be trained and organized.

Members of Santa’s A-team – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, etc – are all expected back soon.

Their return means the Reindeer Games can be scheduled sooner. That means that reindeer assignments can be made earlier.

It means that all reindeer-related parts of Operation Merry Christmas can be ready in record time.

This is all great news. Santa is very pleased.

Elf Ernest

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    andy cason cason says:

    dear santa clus iwould like aelf costume becuse toohave one and iwillmake some monkey bread your friend andy

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