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North Pole Chat Schedule Change

North Pole Chat Schedule Change

Due to a special announcement to be made this week we have CHANGED the schedule for North Pole Chat to 4pm EST on Saturday, August 21st in the North Pole Chat Room.

North Pole Chat

I will be hosting the chat AND making the announcement on Saturday during the chat, under the direction of Santa Claus.

In taking a look at the calendar and based upon the good attendance at our most recent chats we have decided to take questions in advance on the chat event so we can answer as many questions as we can. Many students are back in school and many parents are more in tune with North Pole events so interest is building to seasonal highs. We want to accommodate as many as possible.

Santa has also already announced the Christmas Tracker Elf Conference this year over at SantaTrackers.net and we are looking as well at expanding the number of chats with North Pole experts and adding them to the calendar soon.

If you want to submit a question for this chat please do so in the boxes below:

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