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19 Weeks Until Christmas

19 Weeks Until Christmas

19 weeks now until Christmas! Things are starting to feel festive.

Countdown to Christmas

I have been talking to school teachers the past few weeks. We always hear from them as school starts up in various places.

Elf Ernest tells me this is one of his favorite parts of the job. School teachers will write in asking for special things for the classroom. They are trying to teach things like math and science and geography. Following Santa is a good way to help with that.

Santa really wants us to help the students in schools. “Those are future elves!” he told me.

So when a school teacher writes in for something special we try to accommodate them.

They usually ask for stuff about Christmas in different parts of the world. Or, they calculate how long it will take Santa to get from South America or North America. Many want lessons about reindeer and where they come from.

Some classes will put together a list of questions for Santa or will want to interview an elf about the work they do.

One teacher wants to put together a school newspaper special edition for Christmas and her students will be writing about Santa and the North Pole. We have set up special interviews for them with important elves. They will interview and then write and publish the articles.

I love working with these kids! They are so smart and they think of questions I would never think to ask.

Over the next couple of months we are sure to have a lot of fun with them as they get ready for Christmas.

Elf Trixie