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20 Weeks Until Christmas

20 Weeks Until Christmas

20 weeks to go until Christmas, friends. Things are starting to feel…different.

Countdown to Christmas

Last year the reindeer didn’t come back until really late. I think it was right around Thanksgiving when they finally showed up.

I stopped by the reindeer barn the other day to talk to my friend there who gives me updates on Trixie, my reindeer. It was not what he told me that surprised me. It was what I saw.

They are cleaning out the reindeer stalls in the big barn. Those stalls are for all the important reindeer – you know, Blitzen and all those guys. They are cleaning them out, laying down fresh straw, you know…getting them ready.

I asked my friend if we were expecting the reindeer soon and he just quickly nodded his head “no” and kind of blushed.

Sorry, but I don’t believe him.

It feels weird. Last year, it was cold. It was fall, it was dark. It’s still summer, and it still snows here, but the light is all wrong for reindeer to be returning. They HAVE to be coming back soon. I just feel it.

I’m trying to understand the reindeer more. Elves Frank and Crash just talked about reindeer on the most recent North Pole Podcast but I have to tell you there are still a lot of questions for me.

Right at the top is the question of when they come back.

Something’s up. I don’t know what.

But I’ll be going back to the reindeer barn a lot over the coming weeks. With only 20 weeks left to go things are going to start happening fast.

We will have more news to report than I think we have time to report it. But I’m staying on this reindeer thing.

I think it is going to be a story.

Elf Trixie

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