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Five Months Until Christmas

Five Months Until Christmas 1

There’s only 5 months until Christmas, folks. Go crazy!

We certainly are going crazy here at the North Pole. I cannot begin to tell you what a high gear we are in already.

It’s not like the 24th of July – it’s more like the 24th of November. That’s how busy we are.

Santa’s big announcement earlier this week just put a charge into everyone.

I’ve even hearing rumblings about the reindeer coming back early this year.

Granted, some have already come back. These are reindeer who decided they wanted to serve on the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. That effort has been underway for more than a month now.

More and more reindeer keep showing up to volunteer too.

I’m hearing good things about Santa’s sleigh. It’s been to many parts of the world as flight tests continue. More and more I’m hearing confidence in the new design by engineers in Research and Development. They are starting to think that maybe a new speed record will be possible this year.

I know that is of interest to Santa. But now is not the time to talk to him about speed records. He is focusing on accuracy this year. Santa just does not want to miss anyone.

Santa wants everyone to have a Merry Christmas.

That means paying attention to details. Every stocking must be filled just so. Every toy needs to work. Those toys that require batteries better have them on Christmas morning. Even how things are wrapped need to be done better than before.

These are the things I’m hearing Santa saying.

Santa is going to meetings with every department. He is visiting elves. He is encouraging “good work”, as he puts it. It’s all about quality, accuracy and delivering well.

Sooner or later he is going to get to us in the News Department.

While I think we are doing okay I’m sure there are things we can do better in the News Department.

Today, for example, Elf Ed Zachary held a special chat over at SantaTrackers.net that showcased photographs of the real North Pole. These were pictures of reindeer, North Pole Village, and even the underground vats of the North Pole Creamery. Good detailed stuff.

If that’s not bringing better news from our department, I don’t know what is.

There will be a lot more of that this year. That news is being shared here, over at SantaTrackers.net, NorthPoleFlightCommand.com and ElfHQ.com – all official websites of the North Pole.

You should follow them all.

Christmas in July continues. In fact, our big highlight is a North Pole Chat tomorrow with Santa himself. I hope you can make it!

Elf Ernest