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Six Months Until Christmas

Six Months Until Christmas

Greetings, friends! Today marks the halfway point to Christmas and we could not be more excited.

If you’ve been following the news here on SantaUpdate.com the past several weeks you know how busy this year has already been.

Santa says this Christmas is a “crucial event of goodwill” for the world this year and he’s taking evert step imaginable to make it a Merry Christmas.

That means better preparation and better execution by Santa, his reindeer, the elves and everyone else at the North Pole.

Progress in Santa’s Workshop has been outstanding. Though the workshop is only about three or four years removed from an extensive remodeling there is an effort under way to beef up the conveyor system with new technology that will speed production by another 7 percent. Santa is very impressed with the plans for this new system and is excited to see it finished by the end of August.

Of course, if you have been following the news from North Pole Flight Command you know that the testing of Santa’s new sleigh is underway already. That effort appears to be ahead of schedule by about three weeks.

And of course in the weeks ahead we celebrate Christmas in July here at the North Pole. There are many events going on here but also several that we’re doing online. See the event listing at this link.

It’s a busy summer at the North Pole! We hope you come around to visit us often as we get ready for Christmas.

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Maurice
    Elf Maurice says:

    Christmas is coming soon i’m so excited.But sadly my Tracker elf account isn’t working.

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