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27 Weeks Until Christmas

27 Weeks Until Christmas 1

27 weeks now until Christmas. It’s starting to get really kinda of busy around here.

Now, before you ask, yes, Trixie is gone. This reindeer Mama is not happy about it but what can you do?

This is supposed to be a six-week assignment. But then what? By then they say all of Santa’s reindeer may start coming back to the North Pole. And when that happens, will I get to see Trixie at all?

Sigh. Being a reindeer mama is hard on your heart sometimes.


Leon Day is coming up. I’m trying really hard to get excited for that. But I’m not sure what to do to celebrate Leon Day.

Leon is Noel spelled backwards. Well, so what, right?

I mean, I get it. Leon Day is the halfway mark to Christmas. But what’s the big deal about calling it Leon Day?

There are lots of backwards words out there, guys. Seriously. I studied this in school and I used to think it was really clever.

But do you know how many words out there can be taken two ways just by spelling them backwards? I started a list:

Warts. Gum. Maps. Nuts. Pots. Rats. Rail. I could go on and on. Those are all good words that make other words when you spell them backwards. But so what, right?

We don’t make special days out of them.

But Leon Day here at the North Pole is just nutty. Elves here do everything backwards that day. They even talk backwards.

I can’t understand a word anyone says on Leon Day. It’s so dumb. I have to carry a little tape recorder and play back everything they say backwards just so I can function.

Last year on Leon Day Elf Lenny made everyone call him Elf Ynnel.

Then that dumb Elf Ynnel at lunch said “Salt the pass” and I thought that meant to do something other than to pass the salt to him. Everyone laughed at me.

Anyway. I like celebrating Leon Day. It can be fun, especially the backwards jello walk.

Just don’t expect me to talk to anyone.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Holly Twinkle
    Elf Holly Twinkle says:

    Lol, can’t wait to celebrate here in Sector 5. Happy 27 weeks left till Christmas everybody!

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