Tracker Elf Conference

North Pole Flight Command and have announced to licensed elves that a Tracker Elf Conference has been scheduled as part of Christmas in July. The event will be hosted in Elf Chat at

The event is scheduled for Saturday, July 17 between 12pm EST and 3pm EST. This is the agenda.

This is a very unusual event. Last year the Tracker Elf Conference was held back until November so that more elves could be recruited. I personally think this year we’ll see two conferences. The one just announced in July and maybe another one closer to Christmas.

Tracker Elf Conference

A Tracker Elf Conference is an event for trackers who track Santa FOR Santa. These are specially recruited individuals who become elves dedicated to helping Santa get around the world safely on Christmas Eve.

This popular program, instituted by Santa himself, is a way for Christmas fans around the world to engage in Santa’s effort. Instead of tracking Santa for themselves they engage in tracking Santa by reporting on what’s happening in their location.

By the millions they sign up to report to North Pole Flight Command the local weather and traffic conditions as well as detailed flight data that will help Santa fly faster, more efficiently and more safely around the world.

For example, last year in Irving, Texas a tracker elf going by the name of Elf Taylor reported downed power lines due to a Christmas Eve wind storm event. Thanks to Elf Taylor’s report, Santa was able to avoid serious injury to himself and the reindeer by steering clear of the obstacle. As a result, Christmas was delivered on time as well to Irving, Texas.

This is just one small example of the work of Santa’s tracker elves. There are millions of such stories.

Last year better than 55 million elves worked in the service of Santa. We are anticipating a new goal that Santa will set for the number of elves he will need this year. Of course, if you sign up now you’ll beat the rush and will be able to participate in the scheduled Tracker Elf Conference as part of Christmas in July.

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