29 Weeks Until Christmas

29 Weeks Until Christmas 1

Christmas is just 29 weeks away but it could be tomorrow, guys. Really. I mean sincerely. For reals.

Countdown to Christmas

My best friend Gracie, who’s an elf over on the candy cane line, has a brother named Finn who works at Flight Command.

Finns says that Santa’s new sleigh is breaking all kinds of records.

They just put it out for testing and it’s so fast the thing has flames coming out of the back of it.

No lie.

Finn heard it from Elf Vinny, who is Elf Bailey’s cousin, you know the elf who works in the sleigh barn as sleigh waxer?

I mean, c’mon, if anyone would know it would be the guy that waxes the sleigh, right?


How are you doing?

I’m getting really excited. My little reindeer, Trixie, is coming home soon! She’s going to be on the sleigh test team because she’s so FAST!.

I’m super excited. But a little bummed too.

You see, I’ve been taking flight lessons and I love flying a sleigh. Once I get certified it’s my dream to take Trixie out on a flight – all by myself.

But I was told that a new reindeer can not fly alone with a new pilot on a sleigh. It’s some kind of rule.

So I’m going to find out what we have to do. Whatever tests we have to pass and whatever things we have to sign off on I’m willing to do to be able to take Trixie out on my own in my own sleigh.

Oh. That reminds me. Have you seen the price of sleighs lately? Good golly, they’re not cheap!

Elf Trixie

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