30 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang and Merry Christmas! Only 30 more weeks to go!

Let’s talk about the Santa Tracker Herald Star. I know, I know. There was an announcement about it a couple of months ago.

Well it’s just about here.

And I get to write for it. A lot.

The Santa Tracker Herald Star is a news publication by, for and about Santa Trackers.

Countdown to Christmas

Some people get confused by that term “Santa tracker”. Some people think that if they just follow the news of Santa that they are actually tracking Santa.

It’s not the same, guys.

Trackers of Santa are elves.

People who just follow the news of Santa are nice people…but they are not elves.

So the Herald Star is a publication found over at SantaTrackers.net because that’s who it is for. Elves. Tracker Elves.

My job there is to interview and write about people involved with the Santa tracking effort.

That’s millions of people. And most of them are elves. In fact, you might be one of the millions of elves who are Santa Trackers.

Santa has trackers all over the world. Young and old. Boy and girl. There are trackers everywhere and Santa is thankful to have them. Without them on the ground sending in reports to North Pole Flight Command Santa just couldn’t do his job every year.

So you can see why this Santa Tracker Herald Star thing is big news. In fact, I may be more busy writing for SantaTrackers.net and the Herald Star than I will be writing here on SantaUpdate.com.

If you are not yet an elf or a Santa tracker, click here to become one. Who knows? Maybe I’ll interview YOU for an article in the Santa Tracker Herald Star.

I won’ t give you the link to the Santa Tracker Herald Star just yet. My boss over there, the Editor Harold Star, won’t let me post the link yet.

But stay tuned. It’s coming VERY soon.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Maurice
    Elf Maurice says:

    Keep going guys were almost half way there and now i have more free time because School is over. But,I kind of miss my 8 friends and my teachers they were all really nice except for one but i kind of miss her too But any ways i have more free time therefore if anybody need’s anything i’m right here if you need me.

  2. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    Hi Santa this is Olivia helping my mom a lot I want a nice Hot Wheel car and a nice laptop and I want a video game and I want a nice hot Wheels truck and I want a new phone and a power wheel truck and I want a bird but most of all I would love to see my 2 sisters in ohio i love u hope and ashton but a small dog it has to be over 4 months old and house broken and good with babies because I have 2 little sisters too will make due till I can see my older sisters love u Santa thank u I have been good but I do have bad but more good then bad thank u Santa

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