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North Pole Flight Command Names Regional Tracking Centers

Regional Tracking Centers

North Pole Flight Command has quietly announced locations for regional tracking centers for Santa’s flight later this year. Yesterday they announced that Bethlehem, New Zealand would host to regional HQ for Sector 1 and today they announced Demre, Turkey as the regional HQ for Sector 2.

I have it on good authority that announcements for the remaining sectors are pending and will be announced within the next few days.

Breaking News

This is big news if only because they have never made these announcements this early. Ever.

Regional tracking centers are set up in locations strategic to each sector. They collect vital information and transmit it to Flight Command at the North Pole.

Tracker Elves, which now number in the millions in every sector, actually report via these centers so that information can be organized as it is relayed to Santa. Each regional HQ has a staff of elves, including a tracker elf supervisor who commands those tracking Santa for Santa in each sector.

Why these announcements are being made now is something of a mystery. I tried contacting key elves at Flight Command to ask a few questions and I was told that no news beyond these announcements would be shared at this time.

I have asked if we could have a representative of the flight operations staff to join a community chat sometime during our Christmas in July events. They said it might be possible at that time.

With these announcements we can only assume that test flights of Santa’s sleigh will begin soon. We are pursuing that story and will update you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we do encourage all those who have not done so to consider joining the ranks of elves tracking Santa for Santa this year. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to ElfHQ.com to become an elf via the Elf Resources Department. Qualification is easy and free. Training will be provided.
  2. Then go to SantaTrackers.net and join the Elf Community there. You will meet your elf supervisor who can provide information relative to where you live.
  3. Stay posted here for breaking news of the Santa Tracking effort for 2021.

It appears we’re off to a fast start this year. Keep your browser here for all the latest news from the North Pole.

Elf Ernest