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Seven Months Until Christmas

Seven Months Until Christmas

Merry Greetings and Hello from the North Pole. It’s only 7 months now until Christmas!

Where does the time go?

The past month has seen a lot of elves attending basic elf training. We do this every year but some years it’s a bigger deal than others. This year it has been a BIG deal.

After all, even Santa was there in training with many of the elves.

Who trains Santa, you ask?

Well, Mrs. Claus, of course. It was pretty big news that Santa got training in cookie decorating, cocoa testing, and candy cane art.

For some reasons the elves thought that was pretty cool.

But Santa was also there to give some training, too. He taught courses to the elves on things like sleigh design, chimney descents, and reindeer communication.

Being an elf – and being Santa – means knowing a lot of stuff. Santa is a big fan of ongoing training and education. He thinks we can all do our jobs better if we receive more and more training.

Now training is over and we’re all back to work. Today we have a big meeting to see where things stand. The North Pole, like much of the world, is recovering still from the pandemic and there are a lot of unresolved issues to figure out.

For example, there are some supply issues. Santa’s workshop is working but things like wood, glue, electronic parts and even some paper goods are in short supply this year.

Santa says we need to figure these things out quickly so that Christmas can stay on track.

I know sharing that kind of information concerns some people. Santa wants me to assure you that this kind of thing is normal. It happens nearly every year. Santa is confident we can get everything worked out.

Oh! Before I forget, we do have a little update for you on Santa’s sleigh. The guys in the Research and Development Department have received approval on a final sleigh design. This is a big step. Over the next few weeks they will be building several new sleighs based on this new design. Some limited flight testing is supposed to begin in just a few weeks. We’re not quite ready to show you where those flights will take place. But keep your eyes peeled on NorthPoleFlightCommand.com for updates on tracking information. It’s coming soon!

We are quickly approaching a very fun part of the year.

Next month we celebrate Leon Day, which marks the halfway point to Christmas. And right after that comes Christmas in July and all the games and stuff that come with that.

So stay tuned!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Maurice
    Elf Maurice says:

    Wow it seems like Christmas is fast approaching and this Christmas i have a lot to look forward to.I just wish we could know how many presents are made like a little thing on the top of the screen that tells you how many presents are made.

  2. elfcinimonsticks
    elfcinimonsticks says:

    Wow! I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner for another exciting year, even though it’s hard not to think about the face mask🎅🏼🤶❄⛄

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