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36 Weeks Until Christmas

36 Weeks Until Christmas 1

Countdown to Christmas36 weeks until Christmas!

Time is zipping by so fast, guys. I’m starting to sound like an old person, huh?

Well, it’s true. Time here at the North Pole is not like time everywhere. I’ve told you this before. It’s April and most people aren’t even thinking of Christmas. That’s what makes the North Pole so special. Christmas is top of mind every day.

I love it.

This week I have been awash in sprinkles. Yeah, I said sprinkles. Like the stuff you put on cookies and cupcakes.

I have an elf friend, her name is Elf Coco. (No kidding, that’s her name).

Anyway. Coco works at the North Pole Sugar Works.

What a place to work!

Normally when we think of sugar we think of white stuff. You know, sparkly white granular sugar or maybe powered sugar.

But there are actually sugars of all types. Sugar made from honey or sugar made from sugar cane or molasses or sugar beets. Sugar comes from a lot of sources and it is made a lot of different ways.

Coco works in the sprinkle room at the North Pole Sugar Works. Their job is to design and to make sugar sprinkles.

I had NO IDEA there were so many of them. We normally see them, especially at Christmas, in a variety of Christmas reds, greens and whites in various shapes. There are star sprinkles, snowman sprinkles and even little santa hat sprinkles.

And they are working on some really exciting new ones – the kinds that REALLY sparkle when they sprinkle them on cookies and such.

Some new things they are working on are really light sprinkles you put in hot chocolate. Tiny little marshmallow sprinkles! How yummy is that?

I’m thinking someday I might become a food elf of some kind. I’ve been talking to Mrs. Claus about it and she thinks it is a good idea.

But Santa does not think it is a good idea.

Santa thinks I should become a TV elf.

Seriously. He told me that last week. Can you BELIEVE it? I don’t even watch TV. I cannot for the life of me imagine why Santa thinks I would be any good at that.

Of course, he didn’t say what KIND of TV elf I should be. Like a weather girl or something like that. I dunno. He just said I would be good on TV.

So, I’ve been thinking now of making some videos. From inside the North Pole Sugar Works. Of me getting buried in marshmallow sprinkles for hot chocolate. Ha!

Coco didn’t think that was a good idea.

She told me they didn’t allow any kind of cameras at the North Pole Sugar Works. Trade secrets, or something like that.

Well, I dunno. All this stuff is just too much to think about right now. I miss my reindeer, Trixie. Maybe that’s why I’m so scattered today.


See you all next week. Stay merry!

Elf Trixie

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