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38 Weeks Until Christmas

38 Weeks Until Christmas

Countdown to ChristmasNow there are just 38 weeks until Christmas. And, it is April Fools Day today.

Elf Ernest told me that some of you are going to write in and ask about how April Fools Day is celebrated at the North Pole.

Well I can tell you this: April Fools Day is celebrated here the same way it is all over the world. This is a day when some elves really act like dumb-dumbs.

There’s this guy over at the Reindeer Department known as Elf Curly. They call him that because he is bald.

Anyway, Curly thinks he is really clever. He did not even wait until today to start pulling his pranks. At lunch the other day he filled a water pitcher with vinegar. Then he put salt in the sugar bowl. Then he greased the toilet seats with vasoline.

Curly isn’t very original.

The problem is that Curly is not fooling anyone. For weeks he has been talking about April Fools and all the dumb things he was going to do and then he went and did them. People aren’t even laughing.

Not all elves are like Curly. Some are really clever and subtle. For example, someone who knows Curly really well sent him a singing telegram.

Right there in the reindeer barn where Curly works this girl dressed as a clown walked in and handed Curly a big bowl of candy and started singing this song about hair. Then she gave Curly a big box wrapped up beautifully with a big bow and Curly got all excited by all this attention in front of his co-workers.

He opened up the box and it was a big can of hairspray. Everyone laughed – even Curly.

Now THAT was funny. And it was a good prank.

This day of fools is not for everyone. I would tell you I’m one of those people. It’s not my favorite day. Maybe it is because I’m not clever. Or maybe it is because I just don’t think pranks are a good idea most of the time.

If you are going to do anything today to mess with your friends or family make sure you do it in such a way that everyone has fun. Sometimes people, even elves, don’t think it all the way through and it can get mean.

Real fun is never mean.


I didn’t mean to get all serious with you guys. Just be careful. And make it a great day!

Elf Trixie

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i didnt have a good day my brother broke his ankle today so im sitting at the skatepark with him waiting for a ambulance:(:(