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46 Weeks Until Christmas

46 Weeks Until Christmas

Another week has gone by and we’ve got just 46 more weeks to go until Christmas.

Some of you have sent in questions about my baby reindeer, Trixie. (Yes, I named her after me because, well…because). 

Little Trixie is getting so BIG. She is taking flying lessons. I stopped by what they call the Reindeer Academy. That’s a special place out by the reindeer barn where they take the 1 year old reindeer for training. 

I have a new friend there named Elf Sonny and he’s a reindeer trainer. He works with Trixie a lot and the other day he sent me this text saying I should come by and watch Trixie fly. 

So went over there in the morning and Sonny was working with her. I sat on the fence as I watched him running Trixie around in circles and helping her to jump over this little fence they had set up. 

He told Trixie to take a running leap over the little fence and she just took off into the sky — way up high beyond the reindeer barn. She turned around and landed right at my feet — and she was laughing. 

Seriously. She is so adorable. Sonny let me feed her a carrot for a reward. Later, after he had helped groom her and put her down for a nap, he told me that Trixie was showing off for me. 

Sonny said that Trixie has been flying for about a week and that at first she was scared and a little wobbly. But he said when he told her that I was going to come watch her fly she got very determined to do it. She had been working very hard. 

I’m very excited for Trixie. They say she has special talents. Sonny told me that if she continues to train well and to listen to the trainers working with her she might be good enough to play in the Junior Reindeer Games next fall. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Trixie is part of a special class of reindeer who will not be leaving the North Pole this spring. I don’t know when most of the reindeer leave. They tell me it will be soon. It is a normal thing for them to leave and to return in the fall some time. 

That means Trixie will be away from her family for the first time. Sonny says when that happens Trixie will be sad and will need me more than ever. 

I am excited to be there for her. I don’t know if she will be a big reindeer or an important reindeer for Santa someday but she is already big and important to me. I hope I can help her NOT to be sad when her family leaves. 

Thanks for reading about Trixie. I’ll keep you posted on how she does. Have a great week, friends! 

Elf Trixie

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