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47 Weeks Until Christmas

47 Weeks Until Christmas 1

47 weeks until Christmas, as of today! Where does the time go, kids?

Hahaha…that’s me trying to sound like an old person. Here at the North Pole I’m one of the youngest working elves. Most of the elves here are ancient. Like 300 years old. I have not figured out yet why elves here live to such ripe old ages but I talked to one of my professors at Southern North Pole University about it and he seems to think it has something to do with both time and temperature here at the North Pole.

Now, not to get too technical, let me share with you something that really made me think from a class I’m taking. We were talking about the North Pole and what an unusual location it is. It is the easiest spot on the globe for even a grade school student to find. It’s the TOP OF THE WORLD.

But the thing about the North Pole is not WHERE it is but WHEN it is. Think about it. If you live in, say, London, we can at any given minute pinpoint not only where you are but also what time it is because London falls within a specific time zone. You can say the same thing about any place on earth, right?

Well, what about the North Pole? What time is it here?

The easy answer is to say GMT. But it is NOT GMT — it’s EVERY TIME ZONE at the same time. Look at a globe and follow those time zone lines right to the top. They meet! The North Pole is everywhere but nowhere all at the same time. That’s like saying, it’s noon and midnight at the same time because at the North Pole, it IS!

Are you following me?

I didn’t think so. But don’t worry about it. Just know that this, whatever it is, is the reason why elves at the North Pole get so old – like nobody else in the world.

Well, I’m not old. Not even close.

I have so much to learn and if I ever get my head around how time works at the North Pole I may be a genius.


Let’s talk about North Pole Chat.

Last Christmas we started this thing and now it has taken on a life of its own. We are enjoying this new feature to the website and there are big plans afoot to do even more new things with it this year.

If you go over to the North Pole Chat Calendar you can see that monthly chats are now posted — all the way to the last chat with Santa scheduled just before Christmas.

Now, these chats are by no means the ONLY chats we’re going to do. These are just the big, headline-grabbing scheduled monthly chats of hotshots at the North Pole.

I’m not one of them. I’m a youngster — a brat, as Elf Crash Murphy likes to call me.

But do not fear. I will get myself on that chat calendar. Just keep watching it and it’ll happen. There will be many chats this year that are not yet on that calendar.


Oh, before I forget. We’ll also be having some extra chats with Mrs. Claus this year. And, just because I’m the young punk, I have asked that we have sessions of open chat too — just times where you can come hang out and talk with others who just come and hang out. I know some of you really want to do that.

Don’t worry about it. If there’s something you want just let me know — the punk, the brat. I’m looking out for you. All of us young ‘uns have to stick together!

Elf Trixie

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    Elf snow burn says:

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