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11 Months Until Christmas

11 Months Until Christmas

Hi ho! It is a new year and a new countdown here on Santa Update — just 11 months remain until Christmas!

We told you earlier this month about all the meetings Santa has been holding to plan for Christmas 2021. That’s just part of our routine. 

But January is more than about planning. It is also a time of seriously getting down to work. 

Over in Santa’s workshop they are changing some things to get ready for Christmas. For example, some toys that were popular in the past will not be popular next Christmas. That means moving things around to make room for stuff that is different. 

But we really do not know yet what will be popular next Christmas. That is where my department comes in. 

You see, not only does the public relations department put out news. We also gather information. We send out surveys to millions of people. 

But we do it in a variety of sneaky ways. You see, Santa does not always want people to know that the North Pole is asking the questions. 

So the surveys you see about the things you got for Christmas may be hidden in the form of online questionnaires or product registrations or other such stuff. 

Of course, you are always able to contact us directly to tell us what you think about things. We really appreciate that. 

But honestly, this information gathering effort goes on most of the year. Santa sees it. We meet to discuss. And Santa’s workshop makes changes according to this stuff. 

Serious work is going on in other departments too. We try to become more efficient and faster at everything that we do. 

It is a fresh process every year. The changes we make is part of what builds the excitement we all feel for Christmas. 

So, even though Christmas was just a month ago we are already very excited for next Christmas. 

What are some of the new things coming for Christmas 2021?

Well, maybe we will talk about that in next month’s update. 

Don’t forget – we have our monthly North Pole Chat coming up later today. Today’s featured guest will be YOU! I’ll be hosting the chat myself and we’ll be talking about your Christmas. Come join us! 

Elf Ernest

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    What happen to the North Pole weather that was posted on this website, were did Elf Ernest go to school at the North pole, can u send a picture of the school on the chat room🎅🎅🎅🎅🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶

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