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The Part Mrs. Claus Plays

What Mrs. Claus Says

Some people think all Mrs. Claus does is make cookies. Some, because of all the movies they watch, think Mrs. Claus is witch-like with magic powers in her cookies.

None of that is true.

Mrs. Claus plays an important part at the North Pole. In fact, she is in charge of a lot of stuff that people don’t know about. In fact, if it was necessary Santa’s number #1 back-up person is Mrs. Claus. If Santa can’t do his job for whatever reason guess who does it?

So this part of the whole plan where Santa is alone with Mrs. Claus just before flight time is very important. Mrs. Claus knows everything Santa does. She knows the flight plan, she know the status of the reindeer — she even knows what everyone wants for Christmas. In fact, that is part of what she is doing right now with Santa – reminding him of all the special needs out there.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are a team.

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