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Stocking Mail Activated

Stocking Mail

Elf Hugo of the North Pole Podcast has requested – and Santa has authorized — the activation of Stocking Mail.

Stocking mail is mail sent through your Christmas stocking. By now most of you have your Christmas stockings hung. You can put a note or a drawing in your stocking and an elf will pick it up and take it to the North Pole. Or, you can instruct that they just leave it in your stocking for Santa to see it when he comes to your house.

The North Pole Post Office says that mail to Santa himself is a little stacked up at the moment. If you have more questions about Stocking Mail and how it works please see this link.

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  1. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    Wow I can’t believe how much news is coming in. So excited for Christmas well my time zone has 36 hours until Christmas but 12 hours until Christmas Eve.

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