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All About Santa’s Bedtime Advisories

Bedtime Advisories

Within a few hours of Santa’s launch you are going to start to see “bedtime advisories” posted at the North Pole Flight Command website. These are simply a call to begin to think about going to bed from Santa himself. From right there on the sleigh he uses voice commands to indicate what areas get a bedtime advisory.

And yes – for you savvy trackers out there the bedtime advisories are indeed a good clue of where Santa is headed next.

But that is not what they are for. Santa knows that Christmas Eve is a special time in every home. He wants you to have a good time. So he gives the bedtime advisories as a simple, friendly reminder that he is in the neighborhood and headed your way soon. You don’t need to jump into bed the minute Santa mentions it. Santa just wants you to start thinking about going to bed. It’s nothing to stress over.

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About the Tracking Santa Live Radio Broadcast


Santa: Resting at the North Pole
Sector 1 – Oceania, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific: ACTIVE
Sector 2 – Asia & The Middle East: ACTIVE
Sector 3 – Europe & Africa: ACTIVE
Sector 4 – Atlantic, Greenland & South America: ACTIVE
Sector 5 – Central & North America: CHECKING IN


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~ ElfHQ.com – Department of Elf Resources, North Pole. Become an Elf
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