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Tracker Elves Tell Their Stories

Tracker Elves

Stories of Tracking SantaTracker elves are featured on a special newly released episode of the North Pole Podcast today.

We wanted to share the real life experiences of those who take up the challenge of becoming an elf and tracking Santa for Santa. We found two elves willing to record their thoughts on tracking Santa — Elf Lil Cream and Elf Crusader.

These two elves come from different parts of the world. But as you listen to them speak you will hear of the passion they have for being elves and helping Santa get around the world.

That’s the difference in tracking Santa for Santa. It’s more than just seeing Santa on a map. It’s being involved with his merry effort we call Operation Merry Christmas.

This is one reason why you may want to re-think how you track Santa and consider doing it Santa’s way — right here on Santa Update and other official North Pole websites.

The process begins by becoming an elf, learning the elf code and taking the elf oath. Once you have become an elf, it is time to get to work. Getting to work is what our tracker elves on the podcast are talking. Listen to them and see if it is for you.

This podcast episode also shares the story of how Elf Crash Murphy went from being an elf in the Wrapping Department to becoming the eye in the sky reporter for North Pole Radio News. It too is a story of tracking Santa.

This is a don’t-miss episode of the North Pole Podcast and we hope you enjoy it.

Click HERE to listen to it.

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